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导读:2017山西中考英语试题及答案,.2017 年山西省中考英语试卷四、单项选择(每小题 1 分,满分 10 分)请你从每小题所给的 A、 B、 C 三 个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑. 13.(


.2017 年山西省中考英语试卷四、单项选择(每小题 1 分,满分 10 分)请你从每小题所给的 A、 B、 C 三 个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑. 13.(1 分)Believe in ___ is a very important rule for you to get along well with others.( ) A.myself B.himself C.yourself 14.(1 分)You should look into his eyes when you talk to somebody.It shows your ___.( ) A.shyness B.politeness C.quietness 15.(1 分)Skimming is a kind of reading strategy.It means reading an article ___ to find the main idea without reading every word.( ) A.quickly B.carefully C.clearly 16.(1 分)Our teachers have been with us for nearly three years ___ we came to junior high school.We should t hank them for what they have done for us.( ) A.untilB.before C.since 17.(1 分)If your best friend tells you his secret,it's ___ for you to keep them for him.By doing this,you can win others'trust.( ) A.special B.necessary C.possible 18.(1 分)When you're invited to have dinner at home by an American friend,you should be ___ or a little later.It's different from our Chinese custom.( ) A.on time B.on business C.on show 19.(1 分)No matter what problems we meet,we should try to solve them,and even though we fail,teachers and parents___ us.( ) A.are strict with B.are worried about C.are proud of 20.(1 分)When going up stairs or down stairs,we need to walk on the right,leaving the left space for the people who ___.( )..

.A.hurry up B.look around C.run away 21.(1 分)Miss Li,___,is active all the time.Although she has not been well these days,her class is still full of laughter.( ) A.as you know B.all in all C.to start with 22.(1 分)﹣After we enter the high school,we will have the courses about life management.We can choose what we like.I wonder ___. ﹣Physics.I want to study science in the future.( ) A.what choosing courses is for B.what courses you want to take C.what you think of choosing coursed五、 补全对话(每小题 1 分,共 5 分)23.(5 分)根据对话内容,从对话后方框内的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项,使对话意思完整,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑.选项中有两项为多余项.( At break,Amy meets Ken in the hallway)Amy:Hi,Ken.Jane's birthday is coming.Have you received her invitation?Ken:Yes. (31)Amy:Me too.I'm just thinking about the gift. (32)Ken:Well,she likes writing.Why not get her pens and books?Amy:(33)I think she'll be happy to get them.Ken:Yeah.By the way,how will you buy the gift?Will you ask your parents formoney?Amy:(34)I've already saved my pocket money.Ken:You're right.I think we should learn to manage pocket money.I just spend it onthe things I really need.Amy:That's true. (35)Ken:What a kind girl!Learning to save and use money are both important to us.A.Yes,please...

.B.Sounds good. C.Of course not. D.How about you? E.Can you come to myparty? F.Have you got any goodideas? G.I also use it to help othersin need.六、 完形填空(共 10 分)24.(10 分)阅读下列短文,掌握其大意,然后从每小题所给的 A、B、C 三个选项中,选出一个最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑.Maxime and Lise are a young French couple.They are ready to travel across Chinafrom Beijing to Yunnan Province on a tandem bicycle (双人自行车).They have twomain purposes and one of them is that they want to encourage green (36)through it.Maxime,26,works helping farmers raise their cows,(37)his wife Lise,26,is a teacher.The two also like sharing their travel stories on Facebook."We choose a tandem bicycle because it makes it (38)to communicatewith each other about interesting people and things we come across during thejourney. (39),bicycling is healthier.And it's a cheaper and moreenvironment﹣friendly way of traveling than (40)cars,motors and so on,"the couple said.As for the other (41)of their journey,the two said they wanted to getpeople's good ideas on topics such as health,economy (经济) and politics.Whenthey were asked (42)they chose to visit China,they said it was becausethey often talked about its long history and beauty and how much of the country is..

.competitive (有竞争力的) in the world."We know China is a country with a large population and will be the (43)of the economy around the world in the future . We want to get a betterunderstanding of the country and its people.We (44)the country,"theysaid.The couple will be on their journey to China soon.We hope they can make morepeople further (45)China by sharing what they see and hear on theway.Meanwhile,we hope they enjoy their travel in China.36.A.foodB.farmingC.travel37.A.whileB.thoughC.because38.A.busierB.easierC.earlier39.A.BesidesB.InsteadC.However40.A.buyingB.usingC.making41.A.orderB.resultC.purpose42.A.howB.whyC.when43.A.leaderB.playerC.learner44.A.needB.missC.love45.A.dream about B.hear about C.know about.七、阅读理解(一)(每小题 2 分,共 30 分) 27.(10 分)请阅读下面短文,从每小题所给的 A、B、C 三个选项中,选出一 个最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑. High﹣speed trains,Alipay( 支付宝),shared bikes and online payment are seen as the new Four Great Achievements of China by young foreigners,according to a video survey by the Silk Road Research Institute of Beijing Foreign Studies University.In the video,young people from 20 countries along Belt and Road Routes ( 一带一路) were asked to name great inventions that had influenced their lives in China.The following is what they said from 4 young people of them...

.51.What does Justin think of the high﹣speed railways in China according to his words? A.Fast and tidy. B.Convenient and wonderful. C.Cheap and amazing. 52.What do"A"and"B"refer to (指) inYala's words? A.Two bikes. B.Two riders. C.Two places. 53.What does the underlined phrase"be in a tough spot"mean? A.Get into trouble. B.Lose your way. C.Stay in silence. 54.Which of the following is TRUE according to the above information? A.Bicycle﹣sharing system provides bikes for free. B.There're no high﹣speed railways in Romania now. C.Zhi Fu Bao is the only way of paying for things. 55 . What conclusion ( 结 论 ) can we draw about the new four great achievements?..

.A.They were created by young foreign people. B.They are the signs that China is improving rapidly. C.They were brought to the countries along Belt and Road Routes. 46.(10 分)请阅读下列五个故事简介,将其与上面书橱中陈列的书籍相匹配, 并在答题卡上将对应的选项涂黑.其中有一项为多余选项.46.Every day the bad Queen asks her mirror:"Mirror,Mirror,on the wall,who's the most beautiful of us all?"And every day the mirror replies,"You are!"…until one day it says,"The Princess!"So the Queen is so angry that she decides to kill the Princess who has skin as white as snow.She doesn't expect the girl to find not onebut seven tiny men. 47.Finally,the man gets to a lonely island.Luckily,he gets some tools,food and drinks,knives and guns from the broken ship he took.Later,he finds a cave (山 洞) to live in.But one day,he finds some large footprints in the sand.Is thereanyone else on the land?Who is running towards his cave? 48.Without parents,the girl is taken to a boarding school.Though she has a hard time there,she gets education and later becomes a teacher.However,she gets so bored with her life that she is thirsty for the outside world.So she sends an ad for a job.Will she get a reply?Will she get everything she fights for﹣freedom,fairnessand true love?..

.49.When the young man meets his long﹣lost uncle,he finds a magic lamp thatchanges his life.Inside is a genie(精灵) with the power to make wishes cometrue.But can even the genie help the young man win the beautiful young girl?Andis his long﹣lost uncle all he seems…?50.Here is the boy who is like you in some ways.He thinks school life is boring andlooks forward to something exciting.One day,he enters a cave with his friend.Theywalk deeper and deeper into the cave.Unluckily,their candle is put out and they getlost in the dark.Can they get out of the cave?With other exciting things will theyexperience?4647484950.56.(10 分)阅读下面短文,根据短文内容,从方框内所给的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项,使短文意思通顺,并在答题卡上将选项涂黑.选项中有一项为多余项.What is life's greatest gift?It is choice.Choice is the ability to choose some actionsfrom a set of things to achieve a goal. (56)The reason is that it turns usfrom dumb animals into artists.Choicebecomes the tool we use to sculpt ( 雕刻)our life.The tool doesn't come free,however,for the price of choice is responsibility. (57)it is enjoyment.Choice is power.Choice is at the heart of life.It's the creative power of life.Life isalways changing and we have to make lots of choices.(58)We often needto check where we are on our journey.We need to ask questions:Am I moving closerto my goals?If not,what action will I take now to make myself realize my goals?(59)And our life becomes more convenient or comfortable because ofthem.For example,you decide which stores to shop at and which bus station to goon.But the decisions that we make to sculpt our lives are much more important thandeciding where to shop.The more we understand the difference between small andbig decisions,the more pleasure we will get.Life is like a chess game.(60)All chess lovers realize that it isn't necessaryto win to enjoy the game.Make the best moves you can under the conditions.Then..

.you can enjoy your life. A.Why is choice so great?B.The pleasure is in the playing. C.In fact,we have to make choices every day. D.But when we accept and carry it out,we get a great return. E.Because making right choices is more important than working hard. F.Every choice we make leads us closer to or farther from our goals.八、 阅读理解(二)(每小题 2 分,共 20 分) 29.(10 分)请阅读下面短文,根据短文内容,在下面的表格中填入与文章意思 最符合的单词,并将答案写在答题卡相应的位置上.每空一词. Do you ever feel like you are just rushing from one subject to another?When things happen so fast,maybe you can't understand clearly what you are doing or learning, so it is important to stop yourself to think about what you have been doing or learning. Self﹣reflection( 反省) means slowing down and calming( 使平静) yourself, including calming your mind.By calming down and going slowly,you give your brain a chance to think about what it has already received.Some people prefer to do self ﹣reflection only in their mind.Others keep a diary.What's more,taking notes is also OK.Each method works,depending on your own personal learning.You can follow the steps to do so self﹣reflection. First,choose the proper time to do it.School textbooks are divided into units of study.This makes it easier to begin self﹣reflection.Look for time when you complete a unit of study.Sometimes you know the unit is over because there is some kind of test.Use these natural breaks to stop and do self﹣reflection. Then,find a quiet place and take out your reflection diary.Write down some notes on the new things that you learned in the unit.Let your mind think about the notes you have written and make some connections. Finally,think about things that you are not sure of.Maybe you learned a new way to..

.work out a math problem,but you're not sure when to use it.Writing down yourquestions will help you remember to look for answers the next time you are workingwith the same topic.Successful students always know self﹣reflection is important.If you have nevertaken the time to do self﹣reflection,try it now.Self﹣reflection Makes Youa Better LearnerIntroductionIt means slowing down and making yourself clam.You can think about what you have learned by calmingdown and going (61)You can do it only in your mind,and you can also keepa diary or (62)notes to do it.How to do itIt's a proper time to start it (63)unit is over.Write down and think about what you have learned inthe unit and make some connections.Write down your questions about something you're notsure of.It's (64)to work with the same topic the next time.ConclusionSuccessful students always know the (65)of self﹣reflection.Try it now!30.(10 分)阅读下面图文,简要回答所给问题,并将答案写在答题卡相应的位置上.Living in the age of"Internet",more and more electronic products and Apps havechanged people's lifestyles in many ways,such as reading habits and sports events.Electronic ReadingInstead of reading paper books,more people like to use electronic devices (设备)to read in China now . The reading time spent on them is gettinglonger.ChartⅠshows different reading time from a survey.However,even though..

.people spend much time on e﹣books,the traditional paper books are still popular among readers.Research has shown that readers remember more information from paper books than e﹣books.To our great joy,the number of books that each person read in 2016 in China reached 7.86,which increased a lot more than before.Electronic Sports Just like soccer,basketball and baseball,e﹣sports has become very popular around the world.E﹣sports is short for electronic sports.It is more than just children playing games in their bedrooms.In e﹣sports,teams of gamers play electronic games in front of many people and compete.And they need to put in a lot of hard work and training.ChartⅡshows the top three most followed e﹣sports among Chinese college students from a survey last year. Actually,e﹣products play an important role in our daily life.They have not only changed our life but also made the world colorful.One coin has its two sides.As teenagers,if we put the e﹣products into good use,they can add more fun to our life and become good helpers to our study. 66.According to the passage,why are the paper books still popular among readers?67 . ChartⅠshows the reading time on WeChat is more than that on newspapers.How much more time?68.Do you like reading paper books or electronic books?Why?..

.69.We can draw a conclusion that many young people want to be a hero in their mind from ChartⅡ.How can you know it?70.In the age of"Internet",what influence do you think the e﹣products have on us?.九、词语运用(每小题 1 分,共 10 分) 31.(10 分)根据语篇内容,用方框中所给词的正确形式填空,使短文通顺、正 确、连贯,并将答案填写到答题卡相应的位置上.方框中有两个词为多余项.by who life take that serious or one they send happy influenceI once had an unforgettable experience that has affected and directed the way I thinkand act now.When I was about seven years old,my grandfather(71)me to a fish pondon a farm and told me to throw a stone into the water.He told me to watch thecircles created (72)the stone.Then he asked to think of myself at thatstone."You may create lots of circles in your life,but the waves (73)comefrom those circles will disturb(干扰) the peace of all the people around you,"hesaid (74)."Remember that your circle may spread to many other circles,meaning that your thoughts or actions may disturb others'(75).You areresponsible for what put in your circle.If you want,the good or peace that comesfrom your circle (76)to others.At the same time,the anger or jealousy(嫉妒) coming from your circle will also spread to other circles.You should allowthe good feelings (77)others,not the bad ones,because you areresponsible for both."That was the(78)time I heard my grandfather tell me these.I had realizedthat each person's (79)or anger can move out into the world.If we arefilled with doubt or anger,we cannot create world peace.We spread the feelings and..

.thoughts that we hold inside,whether we speak (80)or not.These circlesare spreading into the world,creating beauty or making troubles to other circles oflife.32.(15 分)书面表达 请将短文写在答题卡相应的位置上.在我们成长的过程中,有过各种各样的经历,其中,"考试"也是一种经历,"成绩"更是一直"伴随"着我们.为使同学们学会客观、理性地看待问题,九年级三班以"考试成绩重要吗,它是否等同于实际能力?"为题展开了辩论.假设你是正方或反方的一员( 只需选择一方),请围绕你的观点,结合亲身经历来说服同学们.要求:1.词数不少于 80 词; 2.提示词正、反方均可使用,仅供参考; 3.文中不得出现真实的人名、校名. Pros(正方) Cons(反方)..

. ..

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